Our Company



  We are Wain Electric GmbH, a distribution company for Xiamen Wain Electrical Co., Ltd.

  Xiamen Wain Electrical Co., Ltd. is market leader in China for heavy-duty connectors. The registered trademark “WAIN” is currently the most well-known brand on the market in China for industrial connector technology.

  Wain is certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 and holds the IRIS Quality Certificate for rail technology. The enterprise specialises in connector solution know-how for mechanical engineering, energy technology, automation and transportation engineering. Wain currently produces more than 10,000 products and is ceaselessly engaged in research and development to find and offer new, better, more adaptable, innovative and patented connector solutions. We continually expand the product range constructively. Wain also undertakes customised cable manufacture and sample construction.

  Wain Electric GmbH was created for the purpose of optimally satisfying your wishes as the customer.